Commercial Painting Perth

Commercial Painting Perth

Interpro Property Services offers various maintenance work, including professional and efficient painting services.
We are a locally owned and operated Perth company, that has a hands-on, customer-centric approach that allows us to deliver a consistently reliable and loyal painting service


We have over 20 years of experience in the business of completing cleaning and maintenance for other industries. We offer industrial painting services for offices and businesses; completing high quality work consistently in a professional manner.
Our painting services range across retail, commercial, property, industrial, healthcare and educational business sectors.


Interpro Property Services Perth are professional painters, offering you the best commercial painting services. We are able to tackle any job needed across a wide range of businesses including commercial painting and industrial painting sectors.

Being environmentally aware is an important part of our company. As part of our commitment to protecting the environment, we have a waste recycling program and ensure sustainable use of resources, including environmentally friendly products and equipment.


We are a local Perth company that has gained valuable insight into how to best serve different businesses as painting contractors. Our professional painters are trustworthy and dedicated, who have the needs of the client at the front of their minds; aiming for the completion of their painting service to be cost and time efficient. Our case studies illustrate this as they capture how we have the customer’s best interest at heart, but also ensure the best painting service is given.


Locally owned and operated, our hands-on, customer-centric approach helps us deliver a consistently reliable and loyal cleaning service. Interpro has extensive multi-industry experience, allowing us to provide high-valued and quality assured painting services across Western Australia. We are located in Perth and have completed jobs painting services in and around the metro area.
We offer services within the cleaning and maintenance area of businesses, aiming to help any company with their behind the scenes needs to ensure they are able to complete their work efficiently and effectively.

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Our Services

Our cleaning and maintenance services cover a diverse range of sectors, including commercial, corporate, retail, healthcare, aged care, education and industrial.

We know that clean premises help create a safe and enjoyable environment. We offer tailored cleaning and maintenance at an interval that suits you. Our comprehensive range of integrated services include:

why choose us

  • Experienced team with the capability to handle all cleaning and maintenance jobs
  • High quality, consistent cleaning services at an interval that suits you
  • One point of contact, to save you the hassle of managing multiple contracts
  • Professional, trained and salaried staff (not subcontractors)
  • Committed to eco-friendly cleaning and recycling